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Standard Pergolas

Pergolas are a beautiful construct that we can create away from your house, tucked away in your garden providing a great place for you and your family to use all year round. Just like a veranda it has many similar attributes - the only difference being, it sits on its own, independently of your house and other buildings. You can choose a metal-framed pergola for a cool, contemporary feel or a timber frame for a cosier, traditional effect. 

As well as adding value to your property, a garden pergola provides a versatile space that can be used for entertaining, dining, throwing garden parties, and lounging outdoors. To let the light in, the roof can be made from glass panels, or you can create shade with wooden roof panels. 

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas are the ultimate solution for enhancing comfort and usability in your outdoor spaces. Our bioclimatic pergolas are meticulously crafted to regulate the microclimate beneath them, providing you with a versatile and functional addition to your property.


A bioclimatic pergola differs from a standard pergola as it features adjustable louvers or slats on the roof which can be wireless controlled with a remote. These louvers can be tilted to control the amount of sunlight, ventilation, and shade, allowing you to adapt your outdoor area to different weather conditions throughout the year.


Pergola Shape

Tailored designs

We can design a pergola shape to fit most spaces – this can be created in timber frame, or metal.

Tinted Glass

Selection of shades

Tints can be chosen for style or for functionality – with some tints softening bright lights and creating UV protection. A soft tint can match the veranda frame for an stylish finish.


Quartz heaters

Environmentally friendly outdoor heaters provide a warmth all year round. Can be fitted to your pergola to be used with a remote control. 

Sun Blinds

Prefer to be shaded

Sitting under the pergola roof offering excellent sun protection with filters for up to 99.9% of UV radiation. Wide choices of fabrics, colours, and pattern designs are available.

Custom Colours 

Endless choices 

Powder-coated paint finishes on our pergola frames can be customised and carefully selected from an extensive array of choices – over 150 available.

Variety of light options

Light up your design

We offer atmospheric lighten, RGB strip, integrated spotlights- all are environmentally friendly, long lasting and cost saving – high quality and reliable throughout the year


For weather & privacy

Outdoor pergolas are available in over 40 different colours and materials for privacy and sun protection  

Wireless Control

Phones & remotes

State of the art remote control to manage roof, lighting and heating features, convenient at the touch of a button and is pre-programmable.

Evolve Outdoors Ltd Pergola
Evolve Outdoors Ltd Pergola

Create your perfect pergola

Tell us what 

you are after

To enquire about our bespoke pergola options, or to get a quote, contact our office in Reading, Berkshire by phone or email. 

What Clients Say

"EO has transformed our outdoor space to something we can enjoy in any weather - composite deck covered with glass verandas - we love it!"
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