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Retractable roof awning installed in Berkshire


Garden Awnings

We make each awning unique and tailored to you, with a variety of materials, sizes, and styles. Our patio awnings showcase the best features of your home and garden. With the very best design techniques, you can be proud of your home and outdoor space. 

An awning is attached to an exterior wall of your house. Fixed above your door, you can provide shade for your patio or decking during the summer months. The retractable fabric sheet makes an awning the most versatile option for transforming your outdoor space on your own terms. 

Garden Awning Features 

Awning Shape

Tailored designs

We can design an awning to fit most patios and garden spaces – if you have something different in mind, it can be accomplished. We can include awnings for tapering walls if needs be.

Tinted Glass

Selection of shades

Tints can be chosen for style or for functionality – with some tints softening bright lights and creating UV protection. A soft tint can match the veranda frame for an stylish finish.


Quartz heaters

Environmental friendly heaters - providing a warmth for all year round. Can be fitted to be used with a remote control. 

Sun Blinds

Prefer to be shaded

Sitting under the awning offers excellent sun protection. It filters up to 99.9% of UV radiation. We have a wide choice of fabrics, colours, and patterns available.

Custom Colours 

Endless choices 

Powder-coated paint finishes on our garden awning frames can be customised and carefully selected from an extensive array of choices – over 150 available.

Variety of light options

Light up your design

We offer atmospheric lighten, RGB strip, integrated spotlights- all are environmentally friendly, long lasting and cost saving – high quality and reliable throughout the year


For weather & privacy

Available in over 40 different awning colours and materials for privacy and sun protection  

Wireless Control

Phones & remotes

State of the art remote control, convenient at the touch of a button and is pre-programmable.

Contact Us Today

To enquire about our bespoke garden and patio awnings, or get a quote, contact our team in Reading, Berkshire, by emailing or calling us on 01189952762.

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