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Glass Veranda installed in Reading

Veranda & Pergola 

What started as a singular veranda finished as an upgraded veranda with a sun awning and a pergola. Large, modern, and exciting the two installations sit adjacent to each other and create a friendly area for multiple usages all year round. Fitted around the property allowing easy access from house to shed, with a conscious decision of a path.





 4x4 polycarbonate 

 Reverse pitch 

 Ral 7016 

 Free standing 


 W – 6m 

 Projection – 4m 


 Manual blinds in roof 

 Lead flashing as standard 


We spent a good amount of time understanding our clients needs, and discussed how we could create multiple uses of different installations within the outside area. The garden was well kept, and the client wanted to create something that matched their outdoors. They also had intentions of using the installation for their shed, to be used practically for storage and workstations.


Evolving their outdoors we created two installations with different elements that differentiated them, but still could be identified as a whole.


The outcome was a great success, with the client very happy to be able to use both installations simultaneously.

Glass Veranda installed in Reading


Jullan Allder




6mx6m - 4mx4m


Glass Veranda & Pergola

Dan and his team have transformed the way we use our patio. The standard of workmanship is second to none. Absolutely amazed at how

or veranda has turned out. Brilliant.

Jullan Allder

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