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Glass room built in West Moor by Evolve Outdoors Ltd.

Glass Room 
West Moors

This captivating glass room began its journey as a wooden pergola requiring refurbishment due to its advancing age. Seeking an enduring outdoor living space with minimal upkeep, our client envisioned a solution that could withstand the test of time. We proposed a striking enclosed glass veranda crafted from durable aluminium and laminated glass, offering year-round enjoyment regardless of weather conditions.



Our goal was to construct a durable outdoor space that would endure over time for our client. This is why we meticulously source our materials to achieve both a polished appearance and longevity.


Our primary focus was to create a glass room that seamlessly harmonises with our client's home, providing them with a fresh sanctuary for unwinding with loved ones.


Length – 4.5m

Width - 3m

Projection – 3m

Frame Colour - Jet Black

Roof Type - 8.8mm Laminated Glass

Door Type - Sliding Doors

Gutter Type: Standard

Wooden pergola prior to reconstruction of a glass room

To Dan and Callum

"We would like to thank you both very much for your all your hard work in constructing our new glass room, especially in very difficult weather conditions. You have done such an excellent job, and we count ourselves extremely lucky to have found you both."


Valerie & Mike


Valerie & Mike


West Moors


4.5m x 3m


Glass Room

Glass Room West Moors

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